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Woodelson is lying.

We have been having so much trouble with Woodelson’s perception of truth (shall I say) that we are at a loss. We finally decided… maybe he’s just not understanding what we say. Maybe we just need someone to tell him in Creole about how he needs to answer truthfully. We decided to take some of the older boys in the orphanage aside and talk to them about our problem and ask them for help. We asked them to take him out to the balcony and try to talk to him about what it means to tell the truth.
About a half an hour later, Woodelson came in all smiles… we asked him “Well, what did you talk about?”
He says… “Major is going to eat me!”
We looked at him perplexed as we know that Major is the German Shephard guard dog next store. We looked at the older boys for some information as to why he was talking about Major after their talk with him on the balcony.
They promptly and with confidence replied.. ” We told him that if he keeps lying to you than Major will come over the fence and eat him.”

So much for not lying….:)

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