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Apparent Project Party Box

Selling Apparent Project jewelry is one of the most hands-on ways that you can immediately help an impoverished family provide for their basic needs while maintaining their dignity in the process. Empowering a person to work is the kind of gift that lasts far beyond a hand-out.

What is included in the Party Box?

It all depends on what we have in stock, but we have wide variety of jewelry & some seasonal items! We send either a “Normal” box with about 100-115 items or a “Large” box with about 150-165 items. Also included… our “golden envelope” with all the info you need to have a successful party or event. (Very simple Inventory, Sales & Payment forms, some Flyers and our Apparent Project DVDs.) Contact Apparent Project at apparentpartysales@gmail.com for complete information.

Would you like to help? There is no risk and there are no upfront costs!
Party boxes are designed to help keep our Haitian friends working. There is no profit for you. (You won’t earn money.)  But you will have the joy of helping our artisans who are grateful to have a job! We send orders to individuals and to groups (churches, clubs, etc.) who are looking for a way to help!

The Process…

Let us know you want to have a party! We will send you a box that your friends & family will be sure to love!

  • Click on the button below, fill out the email form, and submit for complete information.
  • You will receive an email response within 2-3 days.
  • To confirm an order, reply to the email with all requested information.
Order A Party Box

Spread the Word. Send out invitations. Use social media & advertise.

Your event…

Have fun! Your party or event can be as small or as large as you like. It can be held in your home, school, workplace, church gatherings…or anywhere you choose! Share your heart for orphan prevention in Haiti through our beautiful products. Show the DVD included in your Party Box.

After your event…

Payment. No need to pay in advance. Payment is made after the party by check, or online by using the “Pay Artisan” button at apparentproject.org.

Paperwork.  We appreciate your help! Fill out our paperwork and send back with payment & unsold items. We can more easily process your order when we have the paperwork filled out!
Unsold items. Send back all unsold items as soon as possible after your party/event! We need the jewelry and seasonal items for other orders.

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