501(c)3 Non-Profit | Empowering Haitian Families

Our Mission: Empowering Haitian Families

Our focus is to “make the needs of Haiti known,” to support opportunities for Haitians to provide for themselves and their families, empowering them to rise out of poverty… to be able to keep their families together… to avoid relinquishing their children to orphanages… providing educational opportunities for both parents & their children.

Our Desire

To Inspire adoration of our loving Father God with hope that one day He will be ApParent to all.

Apparent Project was birthed in the heart of God, as a reflection of His love for people. We are extensions of the love of Jesus for all people and are committed to offering His helping hand to the poor, the needy, the widow & orphans. And, our assignment is to the people of Haiti.


Beauty Changes Things

This is what the artisans are saying about how employment 
has affected their lives…

  • “My dreams are to allow my children to fulfill theirs.”
  • “Before this, I was homeless with my 3 children.”
  • “I pray that this continues because I am helping my whole family.”
  • “I don’t want to put my kids in an orphanage.”
  • “This business is relieving my stress and changing my children’s lives.”
  • “Right now I can feed my 4 children. Someday I will buy a house for them.”

    An Inside Look


    Empowering Haitians Through…

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