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I Would Rather Live in Misery than Give Up My Baby

This is Sinese.  She is 25 years old and one of my favorite success stories.  We sat down together during my last visit so she could share her story with me.  We laughed and we cried together.

Here’s why –

Sinese grew up working for the family who was taking care of her.  She was treated well and had been given some education. By 2008, at the age of 18, the family decided to no longer support her.  She would be left on the streets.  Knowing that she could not take care of her daughter in this situation, she went to a nearby orphanage to give her daughter to them.

Fortunately, the lady at the orphanage took the time to explain to Sinese exactly what it meant to leave her daughter there.  (Most Haitians are not told about adoption and termination of their parental rights when they take their children to an orphanage.  They are just trying to help their babies live.)  Sinese was shocked and told the lady, “I would rather go through misery than give up my baby in that way.”  The lady at the orphanage offered Sinese a job and allowed her to bring Jersey with her to work.

Shortly after this, the lady that was running the orphanage had to return to the U.S. so she introduced Sinese to Shelley.  The idea of Apparent Project was still in the making so Sinese started out helping Shelley at home with cooking and cleaning.  She eventually became one of the original 4 women to roll cereal box beads in 2009.  She would help Shelley around the house during the day and roll beads at night after work.  She made necklaces that sold in the U.S. on consignment – in the original Party Boxes.

When the artisan house opened in 2010, they served a hot lunch to all of the employees.  Sinese was one of the cooks – continuing to roll beads after hours.  She soon transferred to stamp art and now she is one of our Team Managers in charge of 13 Artisans who make the Signature Necklaces and Bracelets.  She loves the responsibility of her job and because she is a manager, she was automatically enrolled in our Apparent Project Institute where she is learning English, Typing, Grammar, Word and Excel.

Last June with Elena (4 mos) when our Child Care Opened

She has had two more children in the last few years – and the youngest, Elena (1 yr.) is in our Child Care Program.  Your can read about that here.  The two older ones are now in school.

When I asked her to share with me how Apparent Project has changed her life – the tears flowed. (From both of us)

She said – “Because of AP, I still have my children.  I also take care of 2 sisters.  I have been able to buy land and I am building my own house.  I can make a better tomorrow for my kids – they can have a better education.  I want them to go to University.  I never thought Apparent Project would reach this point – that we would have classes!!!!  I’m so excited.  And I want to thank Shelley – I never thought all of this was possible.  But she did.  Shelley cannot leave Haiti!”

Thank you all for your support.  Every cereal box, every fundraiser, every party you host makes a huge difference!  Given the opportunity, these moms do not want to give up their children.  They just need jobs.  They need the chance to thrive.  So thankful that Sinese was told the truth and was given a job.  It eventually led her to Apparent Project and a changed life. She is forever grateful.

Way to go Sinese!!!!


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