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I absolutely LOVE this photo.  Let me tell you why……

This is Odlene.  Her husband died in July.  The two children are a year and a half and 4 months old.

She has no food.  No income.  No home.  And no one to watch her children while she looks for work.  She has been sleeping in a church.  She came to an orphanage down the street from our Artisan house, desperate.  She wanted to know if they could take her children until she got back on her feet.  This  scenario is so common, so real, in Haiti.

The director at the orphanage, Dorothy, knew she couldn’t take the children.  They are already too full.  She gave her lunch, and let the children nap while she tried to figure something out.

Heartbroken and prayerful, Dorothy contacted Shelley.   Shelley met with her yesterday afternoon.

Six of our Daycare babies are going to school next week – so there is room.

This woman now has a job.  She can keep her babies and they will be in a safe place while she works.

See why I love this photo so much?  There is hope behind that beautiful smile.  There is dignity.

THIS is why we do what we do.  This photo sums it all up.  Keeping families together through employment.

Won’t you consider hosting a jewelry party this fall?  Help ensure that Odlene and the many others (nearly 300!)  have a job!

For more info on hosting a party, email apparentpartysales@gmail.com or click here!

Or you can shop online at MarketHaiti.com

Each and every purchase makes a difference.

Give hope and dignity this Christmas……

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