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Santhia and Dorilius

This is Santhia.  She has been making jewelry with us for about a year and a half. She is a single mother with two children.  Her 5 year old goes to school each day and she brings Jenny (2 1/2) with her to work. The two of them travel to and from via TapTap.

Before the Daycare center opened, Santhia would leave Jenny with her Grandmother each day.  But because of age and illness, Jenny was not being properly cared for.

Jenny is now doing great and loves to come each day.  Santhia is so very thankful for the program as she knows her child is in a safe place and is eating properly.

“Thank you so much for the Daycare.  I hope it continues to grow so I can continue to help my family.”

This is Dorilius and her son Chris.  Dorilius lives in Little Clarvil – the community right behind Apparent Project.
Before our Daycare Center opened, she would leave him with a neighbor in Clarvil.  This did not guarantee that Chris would be fed or properly looked after.  Now she is able to bring him to work each day.
She loves that he is able to be so close and that she doesn’t have to leave her job if something were to happen or if she needs to nurse.  “He’s 100% safe, he’s fed and he’s well cared for.”
We are so thankful that the Daycare center is doing so well and helping to provide a safe situation for our more at risk moms.  We are watching both the babies and the moms thrive.  Less worry and stress makes for a more productive work place.
We are still in constant need of diapers.  If you or someone you know is traveling to Haiti soon, would you please consider bringing some in your suitcases?  Size NB – 3 only please.  It is better for them to be brought in than shipped as we will not have to pay customs fees.
If you are interested in donating to our Daycare – click here and mark it “Daycare Center”



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