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Naudia and Sinese

This is Naudia.  She has worked with Apparent Project for about a year.  On any given day, you can walk into the Boutique and find her cleaning.  Dust is a constant problem here and she works hard dusting all the displays and mopping the tile floors to keep everything clean for the many shoppers that come through.

Her 2 1/2 year old daughter, Daska is in our Daycare Program.  She is extremely shy and reserved but we are watching her slowly come around and enjoy being here.  It took her well over a month before she even spoke to the Nannies.

Naudia is the mother of  2 children.  Her older child goes to school each day but before the Daycare opened, Naudia had no other choice but to leave Daska in the courtyard in front of her home to be randomly watched.  She could only hope that her neighbors would keep an eye on her, let alone feed her while Naudia was at work.  As any mother could imagine, she worried about her all day.  Daska came to us with signs of malnutrition.

Naudia is so thankful for the Daycare center.  She now feels “more sure” and very happy each day knowing that Daska is in good hands, is well fed and has a safe place to be.  We are thankful she is here too as we have seen much improvement both physically and emotionally as she continues to warm up to the Nannies and the other children.

Many of you know Sinese.  She has been making jewelry with Apparent Project for 6 years – since the beginning.  We had you pray for her this past Spring as she was expecting her 3rd child.  Everything went well with Elena, who is now 4 months old and also in our Daycare.

Sinese’s other children are 7 and 3.  The 7 year old attends school during the day and the 3 year old stays home with Dad.  Sinese lives quite far from Apparent Project and travels to and from work everyday via both TapTap and Moto Taxi.  She brings Elena with her so she can continue to nurse throughout the day.  She is able to take breaks, go down to the Daycare, feed her and then return to work.

When asked what she would like to say to everyone about the Daycare, she said, “A million thanks!  I pray that it can continue to grow – it has helped so much.”

We are so excited to see all the babies flourish in the Daycare – and to see the moms be able to relax a bit.  Less stress brings better health for everyone.  Thank you to all who continue to support this project.  It is definitely making a difference and is already life changing for this next generation.

We are in constant need of diapers.  If you or someone you know is traveling to Haiti soon, would you consider bringing a few packages in your luggage?  Sizes NB – 3 only.  Shipping things to us is difficult and doesn’t help expense wise as we have to pay customs to receive the items.  If you would like to donate to the Daycare either monthly or in the form of a one time gift, please click here.

Thanks again!

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