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Did You Ever Wonder?

Did you ever wonder why?

Why are there orphanages?

Why are there parents who can’t take care of their kids?

Why are there situations where parents believe their child would be better off in an orphanage than with them?

Why it takes so long to finalize an adoption?

Why there is this thing called Reactive Attachment Disorder?

Did you ever wonder?


Did you ever wonder what?

What happens to a child when they grow up in an institution rather than in a family?

What happens to parents who know they gave their child up for adoption?

What happens to normal family routines when you live in an orphanage?

What assurances do you, as a child, have that you are going to be well cared for?

What has been done to make sure your child is well treated and indeed an orphan before your adoption is finalized?

Did you ever wonder?


Did you ever wonder who?

Who sets the rules for adoptions?

Who sits down and talks to birth parents before they bring their child to an orphanage?

Who looks after the birth parents to see if this is a “short term” problem and they can be helped through it?

Who enforces the rules for adoptions?

Who benefits financially if a child is brought to an orphanage?

Did you ever wonder?


Did you ever wonder how?

How does living in an orphanage impact the development of a child?

How does living in an orphanage put a child at risk?

How does being adopted impact the development and the mental health of a child?

How do the advantages of the first world compare to the advantages of culture, familiarity, not being abandoned and more?

How can someone live in the third world and be happy if they could be living in a place like the United States or Canada?

How come “blanket statements” don’t work?


Over the coming weeks and months, we’re going to wrestle with these questions and attempt to come to some answers to them. I believe that by asking and wrestling with these questions, we’ll all have a better handle on the questions and maybe even some answers.

I also believe that you will, as I have, come to the belief that for many “orphans” would be better served and better cared for if we kept them out of orphanages and kept them with their birth families.

There are a couple of rather lengthy reports about changes in adoption laws and about human trafficking and children in orphanages that I’m going to be looking at, digging deeper into and in many cases explaining why I don’t agree with them. One of them is written by someone I believe most of us know – J.K. Rowling.

I hope you’ll join me, I hope you will join the discussion and I hope we’ll all learn together.

Thanks in advance,


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