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Collect Cereal Boxes

CEREAL BOXES – What started it all!

Did you know that one cereal box can make about 50 beads and create 11 JOBS IN HAITI?

Our classic cereal box bracelet creates jobs for
  • 1 person to sort the boxes by color
  • 1 person to cut the boxes
  • 1 person to roll the beads
  • 1 person to coat with glue
  • 1 person to varnish
  • 1 person to take the beads off the sticks and sort by color
  • 1 manager to quality control the process
  • 1 jewelry maker to string the bracelet
  • 1 manager to check the size
  • 1 packer to pack and put in a box
  • 1 driver to take it to the shipping company

We use over 400 cereal boxes per day, so we are in constant need of more! Here’s how you can help:

Collect colorful Cereal Boxes that are 10 to 13 inches tall (without flaps)

So, we’ve collected the boxes. Now how do we get them to Haiti?

We work with Rays of Hope to ship your cereal boxes to us.

raysLogoRays of Hope for Haiti is an extremely helpful organization. This sea container ministry allows those who wish to send contributions to Haiti to pay by cubic foot for anything they wish to send. Once a Sea Container is full, they put it on a ship to Haiti.

Part of their ministry is taking care of all of the customs and documentation needed. Normally, when you ship something to Haiti, the government requires the recipient to pay $1.50 per pound to receive it. For example, if you packed up 5 boxes that weigh over 130 pounds and sent it directly to the Apparent Project, it would cost us $200.00 to receive it! In the past we have paid $500 for coloring books and crayons we did not need, $100 for yarn we could not use, etc. With Rays of Hope for Haiti, the 5 boxes at 130 lbs are going to cost you $42.16 plus whatever your costs are to get the items to Grand Rapids from where you live. It will NOT cost anything for us to receive it.

We can not receive surprise donations that cost us money that we didn’t plan to spend, and we believe the cost for shipping will cause donors to think more critically about what they are sending and how to steward their donation resources most appropriately. In general, if we can buy things here in Haiti, then a financial donation towards supply needs makes for double the positive impact on Haiti’s economy. However, things that are not sold, such as your recycled cereal boxes, remain incredibly helpful.

The ONE box that creates 11 jobs can be turned into $40 worth of sales in bracelets for our artisans!

Packing/Shipping Instructions

First of all, go through all of your collected cereal boxes.

  • We are only taking cereal boxes at this time.
  • They cannot be smaller than 10–13 inches in height.
  • Open the flaps at both ends of the box and flattened it out. It would be helpful if the flaps were cut off.
  • Please pay attention to the thickness. You don’t want the cardboard to be too stiff. Remember, the artisans need to be able to roll it into a bead. If it’s thicker than your average cereal box – it will not work.
  • Next, find a shipping box
      • A little longer than your tallest cereal box, and start stacking them inside.
      • Pack as many boxes into it as possible, filling all the space – without bending the cereal boxes.

    Download and Print The Rays Of Hope “Container Ministry Booklet.”

    Download Container Ministry Booklet

    It will give all the necessary forms and instructions in one document.

    Follow the instructions on pages 6 – 7

        • On the Contact Information form, fill out the “Receiving Organization Information” as follows:
          Apparent Project Contact Person:
          Shelley Clay
          Phone # (509) 3726-7832
          E-Mail: shelleyinhaiti@gmail.com
        • On the shipping labels you can just write:
          Shelley Clay/Apparent Project
        • On the Manifest Packing List under “contents” write:
          “empty boxes”

    Once you have all the paperwork filled out

    Measure your box by Length, Width and Height.
    Follow all the instructions on page 7 of your Container Ministry Booklet to figure out shipping costs.

          • Enclose a check made out to Rays of Hope International for the amount you calculated.
          • Put the completed paperwork (including your check) in a folder on top of your cereal boxes and seal your box up.

    If you have more than one box to ship:

            • Number the outside of the boxes 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3, etc.
            • Put all of your papers and your check for the total of all the boxes in the first box.
            • Mark the first box “Packing Information Inside” – that way they will know to open it and get your paperwork out. Otherwise the box will just sit. They do not put it on the Sea Container until they have payment.

    That’s it! Now you are ready to ship to Rays of Hope! Send to:

    Apparent Project
    c/o Rays of Hope International
    Loading Dock #6
    446 Grandville Ave. SW
    Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

    If you have any questions:

    Please feel free to email us at apparentprojectmedia@gmail.com or you can call and talk to Rays of Hope International at (616) 570-3575.

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