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Why does JK Rowling Matter Anyway?

If you go to http://tomvanderwell.net/important-articles/ and read the second article, you’ll see a couple of important names. I think it’s worthwhile talking about why they are important.

What are those names? JK Rowling and Lumos.

JK Rowling, hmmm, I think I’ve heard that name before. JK Rowling is the author of the immensely popular and hugely wide selling Harry Potter book series.

Please tell me you’ve heard of Harry Potter?

The young wizard who takes on “He who must not be named” in a 7 book battle of good vs. evil. Some people don’t like the books because of the “magic” portion of it. But let’s face it, the books have a very strong “good fights against evil” component to them and they have done amazing things in encouraging millions of children to read and read more and more often than they ever have.

But did you know something else that Harry Potter did? (Not him individually, but the book series?) The book series made Hogwartz into the largest and most hallowed children’s home/institution. Think about it. For the entire school year, with the exception of Christmas break, the kids at Hogwartz live in a dormitory type of environment. They have no opportunity for one on one caregiver interaction (think mom or dad) and they basically have to rely on themselves, their friends and their teachers. If that wasn’t the closest thing to an orphanage, I don’t really know what would be.

Yes, they get to go home to their parents (or their Uncle and Aunt – in Harry’s case) sometimes at Christmas and in the summer, but that is a far cry from the stability and depth that comes from living with parent(s) every day during the crucial years.

So, given that JK Rowling has made $millions off of her writings on Harry Potter and in her writings has made a children’s home (aka orphanage/foster care home) famous, it’s really quite interesting, to say the least, that she has since founded Lumos.

What is Lumos? Lumos is a non-profit organization based in England. Their goal is to eliminate the need for orphanages and institutions around the world by the year 2050.

Nothing like an extra large God sized goal is there?

But why should we listen to JK Rowling and pay attention to Lumos? Because not only does JK Rowling have extensive experience writing about what is essentially a group home but she also has extensive experience with other non-profits (see https://wearelumos.org/about/our-founder) and she has personally started and heavily invested in an organization (Lumos) that is working on creating opportunities for children so that they can have families, be part of families and belong to families.

That’s why JK Rowling and Lumos are worth listening to. That’s why we’re going to spend time looking at what they have to say and what they are doing.

Stay tuned, a lot more to come.

Tom Vanderwell

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