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Who is this Tom Vanderwell guy anyway?

Hi all,

When I look at the path my life has and continues to take me on, I have but one conclusion, God has a really interesting sense of humor.   I never expected to spend over 20 years in the banking world.   I never expected to have 5 kids (2 of them adopted from Haiti).   I never expected that Haiti would mean that much to me and my family.   I never expected that I’d work for an orphanage.  I never expected that I’d adopt a dog from Haiti.   I could go on and on but you get the picture.    God has led me and my family on a wonderful, painful, struggle filled enjoyable, enriching and maturing adventure called life.

And I am extremely confident that God put me where I am “for such a time as this.”   Everything God does is “for such a time as this.”

And what time is this?

  • It’s a time where international adoptions are getting harder and harder to get done.
  • It’s a time where more people are realizing the extent to which adoption traumatizes children and leaves scars for life.
  • It’s a time where more people are realizing that even if we could process all of the adoptions, it wouldn’t be done before hte kids aged out of the system.
  • It’s a time where more people are realizing that corruption in the adoption industry is making life worse for many kids and families.

The ApParent Project wants to do something about that.    And I’m excited to join them in doing something about that.   What  is the simplest thing we could do?

Create jobs and foster education.  It really is that simple and that complex.

Create jobs so that parents can keep their children with them rather than putting them in an orphanage and grieving that loss for the rest of their lives.

But to do that, we need your help.   I’m going to be writing more about how you can help in the near future but we have a lot of things we want to do that are related to creating jobs and fostering education.

A lot more ideas than “just” selling Jewelry.    And I use “just” in quotes because selling jewelry already impacts literally hundreds of parents and children in Haiti and keeps them together.   That’s a whole lot of “Just” that is already being done.

But we want to do more.   I hope you’ll join us.

Questions?   My door, so to speak, is always open.   I’d love to chat with you about what we’re working on and how you can help – or anything else that’s on your mind.

Thanks for the welcome, thanks for the support you already give to The Apparent Project.   I hope you’ll continue to stay in touch and keep on helping us save lives in Haiti.

Tom Vanderwell
Communications and Fundraising Coordinator
(616) 292-7559
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