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We Need Your Help!

So this happened at Apparent Project today:

“This morning a young mother approached me in the street. Her own mother and father had died leaving her alone with her 9 month old baby and no where to live. She heard we may be able to help. If not, her next step was an orphanage. She spent the day glazing beads and her baby was in the daycare. THIS is why we are here!”

~ Shelley Clay

I LOVE stories like this!  They reignite the passion in me to sell.  To spread the word.  To be a part.

I LOVE that the Daycare is there to help those single moms.  To give these precious babies a safe place to be while they work.

Where would the 300 artisans be without these jobs?  I don’t even want to think about that!  Where would these babies be?

Lives in this community have been DRASTICALLY changed because of Apparent Project.  Moms have jobs.  They have dignity and can keep their babies.  They have hope.

Today, I’m going to be honest with you. We have existed for over six years without asking for anything and relying very little on donations.

Today, we are asking for your help!

Apparent Project is what drives the training, pays for the daycare, and pays for the computer training of our staff in Haiti. We are also an incredible sales arm for the goods made by the artisans in Haiti through the party boxes and fundraiser opportunities.

We are struggling to pay our US staff and to have the money to get the Christmas boxes mailed out to sell artisan goods.  If we can’t get product out to sell, our artisans do not get paid.  Our daycare and our training program do not get funded.

There are several ways you can help:

  • Please consider donating.  Would you PLEASE think about helping Apparent Project with a regular, monthly commitment or a one time gift? All giving is tax deductible.   Click here to donate.
  • Host a party!!!  Please – email apparentpartysales@gmail.com  Invite your friends over, tell them about Apparent Project and sell the artisans goods.  I promise it’s easy!  Tell the story and it sells itself!  We even provide videos for you to show your guests so you don’t have to explain much!This is how I started 5 years ago.  I selfishly ordered a box because I wanted to buy Christmas gifts for my friends and family.  I shared it on Facebook and suddenly had everyone coming over and buying off my dining room table.  I didn’t even mean to have a party!  It just happened.  I went through 3 boxes that Christmas and sold over $5000!!!   It was crazy!  And soooo much fun!!!!  Right now you can get a great combination of jewelry and Christmas items!  It’s the selling of these items that keep the artisans employed.
  • Have a Fundraiser!!!!  Do you have a mission trip coming up?  Or are you raising money for an adoption or some other cause?  It doesn’t matter what it is – we have an amazing Fundraiser option that allows you to raise money for your cause and support our Artisans at the same time.  We have amazing Christmas ornaments right now – as well as jewelry!  These also sell themselves!  Once you explain what they are made from and who they are supporting – it’s a Win/Win all around!
Again – email apparentpartysales@Gmail.com for all the information!

Again – we are truly in need.  We MUST be able to continue to employ artisans and give their babies a safe place to be while they work.  It’s heart breaking to turn them away.  Each and every purchase counts!

Please help! And please share!! Thank you so much!

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