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Updates and prayers needed.

I can’t seem to spit out what I want to say.. so I am going to do bullets instead
1. We have a huge house for our artisans/ guests now! So incredible and so much work right now. Teams start to come in May. Can’t wait for some help and some refreshing faces!
2. The container arrived. Hooray.. but what a job getting some of that stuff distributed. Start stop start stop. As soon as things get out of hand, you have to stop and let things cool off. I guess one can riot over baby shoes too.
3. I spent a night soaking wet in tent city with a family of 8 in a borrowed tent. The situation is grim in Haiti. These people can’t stay in these tents forever.. and there are no houses. A pig woke me up in the middle of the night. Snort snort.
4. I can’t explain the horribleness of having 20 women at my gate everyday with such sad eyes begging for work. Most of them have nursing babies in their arms. They don’t have food, they are getting wet, they need help. I want be able to give them all work. Lord help.
5. My dog is dying of a strange liver thing. Hate that.
6. I know things are good.. it’s just all a little overwhelming right now.
7. Lord Come.

  1. Praying, of course. Wish I could be there in person and help in some way. Love you.

  2. Our luggage is filling up with lots of tarps and we are working on getting more babyformula. We hope to have 30 bags full of supplies. At least one full of beads.

  3. You guys are doing such a great job doing right things. I am impressed that you run everything through the filter of not wanting to just give things to those you serve. That's such a hard law to learn here!
    Love your bullet posting. I may try that out sometime. That way I would actually blog.
    It is good to have you back and will be good to have Corrigan back. It's an honor to be able to call you friends.

  4. Oh Shelley, I can't even imagine having to be there and see all this stuff in person! I cry and my heart breaks just hearing your stories. You are doing amazing things down there and touching so many lives, not just right there in Haiti, but all over the world! I've been sharing your stories (to the best of my ability) with everyone I talk to and just sending up praises for our amazing and wonderful God that is doing miracle after miracle down there. I know there are still lots of bad things going on but I know the Lord has His hands all over it! I'm sorry about your dog too! Just think, Corrigan will be with you very soon! Praise the Lord! I pray you have a chance to spend some down time together and just enjoy being together as a family! Let me know if there is anything more I can do!!

  5. How much would it cost to run just the children's portion of the day program monthly? What ongoing costs would this cover? I can think of staff and food. I know you could use toys and clothes too but I thinking about a total cost to run monthly. Do you have space or do you need to rent a space. Could we assume 15 kids and divide a sponsorship program by 15? Thanks please respond on your blog.Yes we are all suckers for little kids.Rhonda


  6. Prayers on their way. I know that Spirit is guiding you to help all who cross your path. I'm posting this at: http://www.facebook.com/HaitiOrphanRelief?ref=ts

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