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Things are still nuts around here.

This week has been about as bipolar as it can get.

Good: Inga Swope and crew has been here for the last 10 days getting her 3seams.com children’s clothing and accessories project off the ground. Check her out. It’s awesome.
Bad: Cholera is rearing it’s ugly head again.

Amazing: AP was represented at Governor’s Island for a Polo match fund raiser by a champagne company that I can’t spell or pronounce so won’t try too, but a lot of amazing people were there including Hugh Jackman, Wyclef, Donna Karan and some other super fancy people who know how to act at polo matches. The event broke the record for # of people on Governor’s Island.. so this could be a super boost! shout out to Caroline (again), Isabelle, Jojo and Donna herself for taking a second look at what we are doing in Haiti.

Bad: Two nights ago, I spent most of the night in the ER with Naomi (one of our artisans) who had been stabbed in the leg with re bar by her jerk neighbor. Inga heard the brawl and called me to come down to see what was going on. Clerville was a mess. Many people were wounded in the fighting over emptying the latrine. Seriously? While at the ER I witnessed a man die, his wife go into hysterics, a army officer having a heart attack, a woman suffering a miscarriage who went into seizures and bit her tongue off and two major stitch jobs from attacks with random weapons (glass bottles and re bar).

Amazing: Edna had her baby. It’s a little boy and she named him Gustav by my suggestion. It is fun getting to name babies in Haiti. For some reason Haitians are much less uptight on what to name their kids ( no baby name book industries coming up with names like Marjorama and Starlight).. so I thought of a good German name for a Haitian kid and I guess she liked it. Welcome to the world baby Gustav!

Blah: Our car is a disaster. The breaks went out three times in the last two weeks. Corrigan actually got hit, then I cleverly lent someone the car (who said he could drive) and got a phone call 15 minutes later with the news that he had hit a garden, a wall, a person and another car. Sweet. Guess who has to pay for that? Amazingly, despite the grinding whirring noises, it’s still getting us around. It managed to get Naomi to the ER, but I am still hoping for an upgrade soon. While waiting, I decided to start painting it sort of tap-tapish… I don’t think it could be devalued at this point..so might as well have fun pimping my flintstone-mobile. word.

Awesome: Got a retail catalogue almost ready to go for stores wanting to sell AP jewelry. Anyone? Give me a call and we’ll hook you up.

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