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The bottomless (mango) pit

  1. Great post–thanks!

  2. Such great insights! Thank you for sharing. I so appreciated the wisdom and transparency of those that have been in Haiti longer than me about how to approach the very complex issues here.

  3. "In your own home, you don't think this way. You don't think that your family's wealth is a lump sum to be divided between you and the kids for the indefinite future. You, if you are sane, think of your children as potential workers and breadwinners, and you encourage them to get an education that will help them find means to provide for themselves and their future families. Yes, they begin as dependent babies, vulnerable to the lurking ravens and neighborhood cats outside the front door, but to treat them as such for the entirety of their lifespan would only be a self-fulfilling (and freaking weird) prophecy. You operate your family finances based on the idea that your kids are on a progression from dependency to self sufficiency that is not dependent upon your wealth alone, but also upon their capacity-building and eventual wealth-making potential."

    The neighborhood cats up in my mix better get up out. The cat-meow isn't available for more than about 20 years. 🙂 Great anaology C.

  4. Finally read this, Corrigan. Good stuff. Thank you.

  5. Amazing insight! I will read this again and ponder … and watch the videos. Thank you!

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