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The Apparent Project – It’s More Than Just Jewelry

Actually, it isn’t even about jewelry. Jewelry isn’t what The Apparent Project is about.

It’s a tool. Yes, jewelry is a tool. We sell jewelry but that’s a means to a higher calling. We impact lives through the jewelry that we sell.

We impact lives through the jewelry that you sell. Every time you have a jewelry party or buy a piece of Apparent Project jewelry or any of our other art, you impact lives.

You help change homelessness to having a home.

You help change hopelessness to having a hope and a future.

You help change malnourished children to healthy growing toddlers.

You help build self-esteem in a place where there was nothing to feel good about.

You build a future where the future wasn’t even a possibility.

You help children avoid a lifetime of wondering, “why didn’t my parents want me?”

The Apparent Project isn’t just about jewelry. We are about changing lives and changing them forever.

And you’re a part of that. Thank you.




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