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Random thoughts from the day

All joking aside, Zebedee has officially transformed into Troy from High School Musical now. He refuses to wear anything except for a basketball jersey. And runs around the house yelling, “gotta get my head in the game.” Keziah still thinks that Charpei ( is that really her name?) is more attractive than Gabriella and really wants all of her clothes. I don’t think she is judging on character yet.
On another happy note, the Apparent Project is now officially a 501c3 nonprofit organization. All of you millionaires out there, get your checkbooks ready, cause here we come.
We just had a team from Judson University in Illinois come. It was a team to 9 girls and 2 boys plus a professor of each gender.. the male one being none other than our dear Mr. Sanders. The week was super and aside from a few proposals from our Haitian staff, went off really smoothly. The impact that they made emotionally on the boys was amazing. Many boys cried when they left. I didn’t expect that.
Woodelson has been doing super. I am fraught with agony as I watch the days go by with no word about his medical visa, but I also think the answer is just around the corner… so I am hoping each day that something will pan out.
Ember seized ( as in – had a seizure) again last night. I wonder what is going on in her little body. I really hope that she turns out alright and yet I know that regardless, I am happy and so thrilled that I was blessed with such a lovely gift. Between her and Woodelson, I find myself becoming an expert on all the things that go wrong physically and emotionally with adopted children. I am wondering whether that is such a great thing to be spending my time learning, just because the nature of God tends to be to not waste such tidbits on his people and I’m not sure if I am setting myself up for a whole truckload of RAD kids, or mentally and physically challenged kids. I think I would be open to it. But not yet… can we wait ten years God? I think I might be ready then.
Jackson is a hoot. There is nothing that can compare to my Jack-Attack… He forces his laugh almost into a roar and then waits for your response as you roll on the floor in stitches and then he does it again. He actually pushed a chair around with Keziah in it yesterday… and so I know this little muscle man is going to rule the world some day. Or at least his world. What a character.
I have two best friends forever- Rebeca and Paula. Paula just had a baby girl yesterday. Of all five of their birth children, I have only been able to make it to congratulate the new mom on one occasion. It makes me sad and it is one of the few things that I count as a loss for being overseas for so long. Welcome to the world little Darrah. I am so glad you are here!
Corrigan was busy last week finishing up his second promo-docmuntary. This one for Real Hope for Haiti. Amazing. I worked my butt off with five kids running wild to give him the space to do it, but it turned out wonderfully and I am so proud of what he has to offer here in Haiti.

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