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Planning a community..

So many times I have sat in awe of the situation here in Haiti and wondered how and when it would be restored. At the rate the destruction is being cleared off, it will be 40 years just to get to where things can be rebuilt again. And with what money? And what economy? It is truly a grim situation. I have to say that I am very often overwhelmed by the desperation. But every once in a while I get a glimmer of hope.
Yesterday was like that for me. As I trekked through yards of mud, looking like some sort of neandrathal creature lumbering around with 15 pounds stuck to the bottom of each foot, I approached Clerville… the slum community that most of our artisans live in. Most of the houses have been destroyed and for six months now, most have been living in tents. We are now putting up house #4 this week! So exciting. The guy that has been working for us (Julnair) to help put up the houses asked me so quietly… Shelley, can we build a sidewalk? YES! YES! YES! What a great idea.. and it was THEIR idea…. for only $250 I can build a sidewalk about a 1/4 mile long so that these poor people can get in and out of their community without mud up to their knees! DONE! The sidewalk is being finished up as I type. So easy. So easy to help.. with just a little bit of money.
I surveyed the tent city that is slowly disintegrating into rags. Hurricanes are coming and I can only build houses where people have land. I asked if there was land for sale. WHY YES!!!! The land that all of the tents is on is FOR SALE! Holy moly. The land is about 2 1/2 acres. The owner wants $40K for it. We could build about 30 houses on that size land and plan it out with water, electricty, a well, the works! I figure we could do the whole thing for about $100K. I am so excited about this idea. It can happen quickly. Once the funding is available, it can happen tomorrow. I wish everyone could see.. could really see the grimness of having a sick baby in a 140 degree tent day after day with no food. I wish you could see what is like to be 35 and never have had a job because there are none. And I wish you could see our land and our houses, painted in bright colors all over the hill side. It would no longer be fit to be called a slum. It would be a COMMUNITY. $100K is all. How about tomorrow?
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  1. Digicel has given out monies for projects in haiti. They have an application on their site and all you have to do is provide a vison for them. Just a thought…

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