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Our Un-orphanage.

We are running an un-orphanage. Every time that people come over, they ask us if we have an orphanage. We currently have 10 children living in our house. Our artisan house runs wild with children- no less than 15 at a time. We have an unorphanage.
I want to call it an unorphanage because for some reason, Christians can get behind supporting an orphanage but seem to be less moved by descriptions of a job-program, or trade school. It is easy to get a grasp on taking care of children who have been abandoned and need help. It is easy to write a check for a picture of a child sitting destitute with flies all over their face.
For us, we too have responded to this situation. Our un-orphange has the goal of preventing these children from ever getting to a state of destitution like you see in the picture. We provide jobs, food, diapers, medicine, for these children and their parents. We target women and men who might otherwise have to relinquish their child to poverty and look to help them get food on the table in their small homes and tents through job creation.
Our unorphanage is struggling. With 1000’s of kids about to be introduced to orphanage life now that the earthquake has taken one of more of their parents, we don’t need to send more there when they have parents who love them and want to keep them.
Would you help us?
We need funding for sewing machines, book-making supplies, beads and jewelry making supplies, food for the daily meal we give our artisans and our children. We need more staff to come on board and help us run a children’s program for our artisans children. We need staff funding for our help on the ground.
When your church committee talks about the need to help an orphanage abroad, talk to them about our un-orphanage. Where kids can be taken care of without having to be abandoned by their parents.
Thank you so much for helping kids NOT to become orphans!

  1. I always try and explain this too and sometimes it is easier to just say you are running an orphanage…but I understand the distinction is very important. I'll keep highlight the great and important work you are doing as an un-orphanage, but also as a safe place for children.

  2. Strong work Clay Fam. We're with you.

  3. I am an adoptive parent of two African-American sons, and I say *THANK YOU* from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for putting the needs of children and families first, the needs of a culture and a nation, the need to support families who need our help to keep their families together. It is too easy, from the perspective of white privelege, to assume that all of these children would be "better off" in an adoptive home. Let's focus our future adoption efforts on the children who have no family or community able to raise them, but first focus on preserving the families and communities that are the heart of the strong, beautiful, *rich* Haitian culture. Next week's donation will be headed your way. Love from Vermont.

  4. Thank you for spelling it out. I have shared this (and other posts) on my Haiti Relief Fundraiser page on Facebook. Take care! Ana


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