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Our first house…

The speed of the internet, power outages, etc..etc.. makes it hard enough to keep people informed of our goings on here, and it seems to be nearly impossible to upload a decent picture, so unfortunately you are going to have to close your eyes and imagine this weeks endeavors.

Imagine a pile of rubble every twenty feet, a broken down home, naked children, women washing clothes in a grey plastic tub, the smell of a tiny pot of rice cooking over charcoal and a handful of very sweaty white people huddled around a pile of wood and nails…..
This week we were able to have a team of people from Elk Grove, California come and help us build our first ever wooden house. It was a moment I have been longing for. Seeing the utter devastation around me day after day has taken its toll. I long for some hope, some good news, some reprieve, from the constant tragedy that surrounds me. And today I stood in front of a brand new house.. painted green in my honor of course. A beacon of hope for me for things to come.
We were able to work with another company- Maxima SA- in Haiti who are also employing Haitians to pre-construct portions of these wooden Creole style houses. They currently have a matching grant, so for just under $3000 we were able to get everything we needed for two houses. The first is up, the second will be coming along shortly.
With hurricane season on our heels, we are dreading the upcoming tragedies as mothers and children get sick, drown, lose all of their belongings as we know that most of the tent cities would not withstand hurricane force winds. Just three blocks from our house is a tent city of 5000 people. What will happen? What can we do? It is so heart-wrenching to know the signs of imminent danger and yet not be able to do anything about it. We can only pray and build. We build one house at a time with your help. Every house will probably shelter up to 8 people.
If you want to help with a team or with funding… let us know. We are poised and ready!
  1. I will be praying.

  2. You're in my prayers… of course! Love you.

  3. one purse, one sewing machine, one house, one family, one necklace, one life at a time – it's all good

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