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Finally, about the zombie….

Those of you who are familiar with Haitian culture and Voodoo know that Zombies are among the many cryptozoological specters that Haitians believe in, including shape-shifters, “Lougarou” (flying people that remove their skin or make themselves invisible, often compared to wear-wolves and vampires), and other “jab” (evil beings / demons). The majority of our Haitian friends have given us detailed reports of their encounters with these things, challenging our own sense of Western intellectual superiority and reminding us that the handful of contemporary western developed nations are the only cultures in all

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Another day

Today was just strange and very long.Here are some things that happened. 1. We decided to fill the kiddy pool on the roof and were not willing to bucket the water up one bucket at a time as that would clearly take half of the morning, so Richard actually got into the water tank on the roof and handed out buckets to me one at a time. It was quite a site to see Richard in there for one, but the fact that he was skinny enough to fit in the water

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Top 10 ways you know you are a white missionary in Haiti.

The top ten ways you know you are a white missionary in Haiti 10. You exchange currency with Syrians in the back of a mini mart on a regular basis 9. You have spiritual moments that revolve around the electricity coming on. “Thank you Jesus! The lights are on… wait… awe, crap.” 8. You know black people with Polish names. 7. Orphans have given you instructions on how to season a cat. 6. People have smacked your arm just to see the cool colors of your bruises 5. The local band’s instruments

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Haiti wants some sweat shops

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today! Sweat shops get a bad rap. Now, I’m not saying unfair wages and crappy working conditions are a great thing, but they certainly beat starvation. I know many Haitians who would love to have a chance to work at a sweatshop, even for one day. This little Jib Jab cartoon shows one side (the American side) of the story: Exploitation of the poor through employing the third world for cheap labor makes goods cheap for Americans, but hurts the American economy in the long run by precipitating

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How did this become normal?

I remember a few months back when “little Richard” first came to live with us at the orphanage. We had been through a handful of new additions and were getting used to the drill: “Here’s the toilet, here’s where we eat together, if you are scared, or hurt, or lonely, or bored, here’s where to find us… ” typically the key was just to not make a big deal out of a child being new or different, and to help them feel accepted. But Richard was the first child that came to

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Another crazy couple days..

Another crazy week. Ember’s family told me that her dad was really sick on Thursday. I went down to see him and he looked terrible. He was sitting in a hole of a house (if you can call them that) in 105 degree heat and sweating with a temperature in the 100’s now for two weeks. I figured it could be malaria, so I got him some choloriquine and some Tylenol as well as some medicine for diarrhea as he had also been having trouble with that. He looked like a skeleton

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April showers..

It’s raining right now. Which means two things.. tomorrow will be a mosquito festival and right now my internet connection via satellite is slow as molasses. I keep wanting to post more pictures, but the upload speed makes it near to impossible.So here’s a little update:Ronald.. the day after I posted last about praying for hime, the embassy called with a reversal of decision. That was on a Tuesday. Wednesday, the orphanage director picked up his visa and Thursday morning he flew out of here straight on to New York. As I

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All kinds of fasting….

Haiti is, in itself, a kind of a fast. We fast warm showers, privacy, movies, TV, privacy, restaurants, DQ blizzards, privacy etc.. etc..But we feel we are called to more. I look down from my balcony at the ravines that the people live in with tin roofs and flash floods. Those people are starving. It is a fast like I have never and will never experience probably.As fat Americans in the land of draught, famine, and misery, we have been studying more closely the call as Christians to fast and pray. Apparently,

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Today I am excited. In the last two weeks, we have secured a place for us to live for next year, found out that the Apparent Project is approved as an official 501c3, managed to not add more children to our family, and think we may have just gotten a puppy.Many of you might wonder why our living situation is changing. Without a doubt, a boys home is not a place to have our budding young daughter and we do feel like we are called to more in Haiti than being confined

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Random thoughts from the day

All joking aside, Zebedee has officially transformed into Troy from High School Musical now. He refuses to wear anything except for a basketball jersey. And runs around the house yelling, “gotta get my head in the game.” Keziah still thinks that Charpei ( is that really her name?) is more attractive than Gabriella and really wants all of her clothes. I don’t think she is judging on character yet.On another happy note, the Apparent Project is now officially a 501c3 nonprofit organization. All of you millionaires out there, get your checkbooks ready,

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