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Today I am excited. In the last two weeks, we have secured a place for us to live for next year, found out that the Apparent Project is approved as an official 501c3, managed to not add more children to our family, and think we may have just gotten a puppy.Many of you might wonder why our living situation is changing. Without a doubt, a boys home is not a place to have our budding young daughter and we do feel like we are called to more in Haiti than being confined

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Random thoughts from the day

All joking aside, Zebedee has officially transformed into Troy from High School Musical now. He refuses to wear anything except for a basketball jersey. And runs around the house yelling, “gotta get my head in the game.” Keziah still thinks that Charpei ( is that really her name?) is more attractive than Gabriella and really wants all of her clothes. I don’t think she is judging on character yet.On another happy note, the Apparent Project is now officially a 501c3 nonprofit organization. All of you millionaires out there, get your checkbooks ready,

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Where are we headed?

Many late night talks have gone into what exactly we want to do here, what long term goals do we have, where do we want to be in five years, and what would we like to have accomplished. Our debate usually revolves around narrowing down our passions and ambitions as there is just so much to do here and one can easily get overwhelmed and spread too thin. Our intentions and mission statement remains the same. To be advocates, facilitators, and promoters of families and families staying together. The application of how

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Today Ronald was able to finally apply for his new passport. This is a big deal to us as Ronald has a heart condition that has already needed open heart surgery three years ago in the states. Over the last few months, we have seen Ronald deteriorating, not being able to walk very far, losing weight, and seeing his heart beat like a drum throughout his neck and upper torso. His father came to the orphanage to get him today to take him to the passport office. He hadn’t seen him in

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Woodelson is lying.

We have been having so much trouble with Woodelson’s perception of truth (shall I say) that we are at a loss. We finally decided… maybe he’s just not understanding what we say. Maybe we just need someone to tell him in Creole about how he needs to answer truthfully. We decided to take some of the older boys in the orphanage aside and talk to them about our problem and ask them for help. We asked them to take him out to the balcony and try to talk to him about what

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This is “official”

The last post on this blog was back in June. So perhaps you could say it takes 3 months to effectively transition into Haiti and find time to write on a blog. At least for us. Lets get this thing rollin. I copied this from a recent email to a friend: Haiti has been wild, crazy, and amazing so far. We’re pushed further out of the boat every day. I’m teaching 3 high school art classes so that our kids can get a free education while we’re here. The school is awesome

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Welcome To The Apparent Project Blog

This is the spot to keep up with Corrigan & Shelley Clay, happenings in Haiti, and general reflections on the work of The Apparent Project. If you’d like to learn more, check us out at www.apparentproject.org. Thanks! Right now Shelley and I are getting ready to visit family in Oregon. When we get back to Washington we will pack a container to ship to Haiti and then it is off to Boston for 3 weeks of training in Haitian Creole. We are so excited to begin learning the language! Corrigan

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