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This woman has no teeth. Her eyes are unproportionately large, her hair, pure grey. She obviously skipped her last few sessions of botox, is half the height of a super model, can’t remember who she is, has huge calloused feet from walking in the dirt barefoot her whole life, has nothing really to offer in terms of productiveness or service, her hands are crooked and wrinkled, she has no womanly figure to speak of any more. And she is the most beautiful, breathtaking thing that I laid eyes on this year. Her

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No Trouble in Big China

My travels to China went off without a hitch… just barely. Four flights, one jog to a connecting flight and one full out sprint to a connecting flight landed us safely in Hong Kong on Sunday night. My travel buddy is Wilhelmina Krul- awesome helper of the seamstress program, designer of our IPAD bag, MAF pilot wife and all around amazing girl who is pretty much 50% smarter than I am, so it works well for me to have her around in times where a lot of thought is required.    We

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Don’t read this if you’re even a little tired…it’s long and tedious.

Spring is the time that people in the retail world are thinking about CHRISTMAS. I remember this clearly from working in an awesome gift shop ( where I probably got a lot of my marketing intuition- at least what I do have- thanks Dan and Danette Willis for that) called Commnique up on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle. I would watch Christmas stuff being surfed and ordered in the spring, arriving in late summer, pricing, packaging and selling in the fall and winter, and putting things on clearance for the new year.

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Nothing to say really..

Some days I have this modge podge of thought that I want to somehow get out there and share. Here it goes… While I was out on a walk to look at some houses that were being built I found an elderly lady sitting up on the fence by the side of the road fast asleep. It struck me (in many ways) and in good form (of course) I proceeded with my photo shoot. I think my Haitian friends got a kick out of it in that same sort of way one

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My upside down world…

The first shall be last. Those who want to be the greatest must be the servant of all. Unless you are willing to lose your life, you cannot save it. I am paraphrasing of course, but the crazy reality of some of these truths have become so much more of a reality to me in the past few months. It’s an upside down world! This morning I spent a good chunk of time with Donna Karan. The fashion designer. I am not really sure how it happened, but a key person for

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Let me be real…

I’m scared today. I usually feel like I could joke my way out of most situation but not today. The word on the street is that I may be in danger. I can’t even tell you how many people every single day that I turn down for work. It is coming back to bite me.Despite the fact that we have 130 people in our area with good jobs, now I have ten times that many who are mad that it isn’t them.This week I haven’t had the car. I have been walking

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Promised LAND

“She was standing right here last night.  How could she be GONE?!”Shelley turned to me in the hallway in front of the artisan house kitchen.  The incredulous look on her face hadn’t changed since she had received the news.  16 hours prior Vesline’s mom had been standing right over there: a bright-eyed grandma cooing over her beautiful new grandson, and now she was being cremated.  This strand of cholera works its evil quickly. Vesline is a 17-year-old Apparent Project jewelry artisan.  As her pregnancy progressed Shelley urged her to move out of

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Dancing and Singing

I had an emotional catharsis with a business planner today. weird.Talking about business strategy and crying my eyes out over death and destruction do not normally go hand in hand but it is somehow to be expected here.As I was leaving the Apparent Project house afterwards, an old man approached me. “shelley, I’m hungry”. He patted his stomach.I squinted my eyes and remembered yesterday. I had been walking up from Clerville and this same elderly man had approached me with the same need. I can’t give to everyone in Haiti who is

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the 12th…

The last few days have been hard. Somehow I wish the calendar wasn’t cyclical, because I’m not really ready to remember what happened a year ago. A lady stopped by yesterday. I didn’t recognize her until she showed me a mangled scar on her ankle. She thanked me that she still had her foot. I remember now. She was the woman that Jocelyn and I carried up a hill, over a rooftop that had crumbled and had taken care of in my yard for almost a week, cleaning and dressing her wounds

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