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Death threats, getting this blog rolling again, and Oprah.

The votes are in!  According to the poll from our last blog you are far more interested in our recent brush with Haiti’s criminal element than all of the other potential topics combined.  I would love to tell that story, but as I’ve hesitated for two months now, I think I should just move on.  The reason for the hesitation is that the people who have been threatening us have not been caught, and until about a week ago, the threats had been happening again.  I wouldn’t want anything to be posted

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Next blog: Your vote

It’s been a while.  Sorry blog-stalkers. The peanut butter blog led to more conversations, phone calls, and action than I could ever have imagined.  It has also, unfortunately, given Shelley and I reputations as people who care deeply about peanut butter.  I think the point was that we cared deeply about Haitians, but since peanut butter is a key ingredient in Reese’s Cups, I guess I don’t mind the affiliation too much.  I was very pleased to hear that some churches took the blog to heart enough that they were led to

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Peanut Butter and Shelley

This blog is inspired by my wife Shelley’s passionate facebook plea with a Wisconsin church to not send peanut butter to Haiti.  I thought a more in depth explanation might be helpful, interesting, and possibly motivational, so here goes… http://www.wqow.com/story/15278291/church-to-send-more-than-20000-jars-of-peanut-butter-to-haiti Now that Haiti has dropped from fad-disaster-charity-icon status, it is good to see a few churches still caring, and more importantly, ACTING on behalf of the poor here.  After all, Jesus’ says he doesn’t have much to do with people who neglect those without food and income. Yet, while I’m infinitely appreciative

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Some thoughts..

Four figures lay in the shadows as I cracked the door to the basket weavers house in the backyard open. A petite young mother, her younger sister, and two baby girls lay in the darkness. She had been beaten and had fled to the artisan center to hide where she had made a bed for the babies on the concrete and then called me to tell me where she was. I quickly came down to the artisan center and found them all there, lying on nothing but a spread out sheet that

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Fair Trade? How about B.E.A.N. trade?

Let me first start by saying that life in Haiti (or should I say life in general) has left me disillusioned with a lot the past few years. My first experiences with orphanages and the quantity of kids in them with parents who love them led us to start the Apparent Project-an artisan initiative to keep families together and help end -to the capacity that we could- child relinquishment with poverty as the determining cause. My disillusionment in Haiti has only continued by the way that I have witnessed food aid kill

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A day in the life of…

Today was pretty typical. I woke up, quickly got ready for work and with hair still wet set the Apparent Project in motion. Locks came off doors (for those who know my key collection- I have traded up to padlocks with codes so that I won't get hip dislocation from the weight of the keys in my pocket). Artisans filed in. Some got right to work, others gave me the sorrowful stare of "piecework". So many have become "piecework' junkies. I write this with half a smile as some of my favoriteRead more

“The flood”

Please read this and share it with your friends ASAP, as it contains time critical information.  If you don’t have time, just skip down to the bottom and read the LARGE text… By Corrigan Clay 5 days ago I was driving down Delmas (Port Au Prince’s equivalent of a “Main Street”) listening to the scratch of my crippled windshield wiper vainly fluttering its way through the rain that obscured my vision, when my mind began to wander.  Now, normally a wandering mind and driving in Haiti are a deadly mix, but when

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Things are still nuts around here.

This week has been about as bipolar as it can get. Good: Inga Swope and crew has been here for the last 10 days getting her 3seams.com children’s clothing and accessories project off the ground. Check her out. It’s awesome. Bad: Cholera is rearing it’s ugly head again. Amazing: AP was represented at Governor’s Island for a Polo match fund raiser by a champagne company that I can’t spell or pronounce so won’t try too, but a lot of amazing people were there including Hugh Jackman, Wyclef, Donna Karan and some other

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This woman has no teeth. Her eyes are unproportionately large, her hair, pure grey. She obviously skipped her last few sessions of botox, is half the height of a super model, can’t remember who she is, has huge calloused feet from walking in the dirt barefoot her whole life, has nothing really to offer in terms of productiveness or service, her hands are crooked and wrinkled, she has no womanly figure to speak of any more. And she is the most beautiful, breathtaking thing that I laid eyes on this year. Her

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