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Meet Some of Our Babies!


Apparent Project has the desire to create long-term sustainability through the creation of job development and skills. This enables, empowers and equips Haitians to provide for their families with dignity and hope.  As many of our high risk single moms,  enter into training and acquiring jobs, they have a need of child care. Child care within Haiti is not what Westerns picture child care. A mother has the option of leaving her infant on an empty bed all day (without care) or having a community member ‘look after’ the child. This attitude of ‘looking after’ typically results in abuse for that child.
Therefore, a ministry to come alongside and partner with these mothers to provide care for their children was born.  Apparent Project has recently started a day care center for our at-risk mothers to bring their children to receive care while they are working (on site) at Apparent Project.
We are excited that these children will no longer be at risk; that they will not be subjected to abuse and malnourished.  Instead, they will receive proper nutrition, quality care and love.  And beyond that, this child care center will provide dignity and responsibility to at-risk mothers who gain valuable working skills.
We are not creating a culture of dependency through handouts. Instead, in the spirit of long term sustainability we desire to partner with these mothers. While the artisans receive above Haitian minimum wage, these vulnerable and at-risk mothers are not able to fully pay for the care that is needed.
This is where you come in – We have roughly 15 children in the Daycare program.  We thought you would like to meet them and their parents.  Most of them are single moms, but we do have a few sets of parents who needed some additional help as well. They each have a unique story and we will highlight a few in each post over the next several weeks.  So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and allow me to introduce you to some precious little ones……….
This is Beatrice (she is a jewelry maker) and Frenel (he is the Kiln Manager)
Wesnaida (26 mos) and Benlord (7 mos)
Beatrice and Frenel live in Croix des Bouquet – about 30 – 40 minutes by taxi (TapTap) from the artisan center, depending on traffic.  Each morning they were coming to work and leaving Wesnaida and Benlord home with someone that they didn’t know very well.  They spent their day at work wondering if the children were being taken care of properly.  Having them in the Daycare program gives both Beatrice and Frenel peace of mind knowing that they are close by, they are safe and they are being well cared for.   They have seen a huge improvement in both children in just the month that they have been enrolled and are so thankful that their children are safe.
This is Nathalie (jewelry maker) and Samuel (metal stamping)
Their daughter Sarah is 2 years old
Each morning Nathalie and Samuel were getting up extra early to take Sarah to the other side of town via TapTap to stay with a relative before work.  Sarah was not happy being left there and they would worry about her care all day.  Then, when they got off at 3, they would have to make the long trip to pick her up.  For those of us here in America, that doesn’t sound like that big of a deal.  Many make crazy commutes every day.  But, this is no easy task in Haiti.  Just the extra expense of the TapTap was a burden.  Often, Nathalie wouldn’t get home with Sarah for several hours, especially with the crazy traffic.  Fixing dinner in Haiti is done over an open fire or a kerosene stove.  There is no electricity so chores need to be finished before dark.  Microwaves or refrigerators are a luxury they do not have.  Food is made fresh every day.  There is no “heating something up real quick.”  Laundry is done in a bucket and takes hours after you have hauled water to you house.  Same with bathing.
Having Sarah at the Daycare has been a huge benefit to them as far as their time in concerned.  And Sarah is so much happier.  She wakes up each day and says, “Mommy, I’m going to school today!”  They are so grateful for the additional help in this area and hope that the program will continue.
The children.  That is why Apparent Project was started to begin with.  They are why we do what we do.
It costs roughly $160 per month for each child in the Daycare center.  We have hand picked the families that are at highest risk.  Even though they are earning an adequate amount of money, this is an additional expense that these particular families cannot incur.   For these parents –  good, safe childcare did not exist.  We feel that leaving them home alone or in any unsafe environment is NOT an option.

How can you help?

Don’t need to raise funds for anything?  Raise funds for the AP Daycare!  We have fun, new fundraiser items to choose from.  Email apparentpartysales@gmail.com for more info.  Tell them you want to raise funds for the Apparent Project Daycare Center.

AP needs $2400 a month to keep this program going.  Any amount each month will help!

$25 per month will provide formula or diapers for one baby
$30 per month will provide breakfast and lunch for two children
$50 per month will help with laundry expenses for the entire Daycare
$75 per month will purchase 75 diapers.  They cost $1 each in Haiti
$100 per month will cover medical expenses
In addition to telling all your friends about Apparent Project  –  tell them about the Daycare Center!

Thanks to all of you who support Apparent Project!  We couldn’t do what we do without you!  We are excited to offer this new dimension to you.  A tangible way to invest in the lives of our artisans and their families.  Keeping them together is what we are all about!

Until next time with more bios…….

Meet Gina and Makensia

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  1. Would the daycare be interested or be able to use cloth diapers for the babies? I know some of my friends with babies have switched to cloth to save money. If someone raised enough money or donated some good quality cloth diapers, could the daycare put them to good use?

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