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Gina and Makensia

This is Gina and her 6 month old daughter, Chrisnaly.

Gina has only been working for us since the beginning of May.  She is a single mom and she had no income and no way of caring for Chrisnaly and it was showing.

She approached Shelley about a job and also inquired about an orphanage where she could place her baby.  She couldn’t feed her and like so many moms in Haiti, felt like that was her only option.

The Daycare center had literally just opened.  Shelley gave her a job making jewelry and allowed her to put Chrisnaly in our Daycare Program.

After just a month, Chrisnaly is doing great!  She is receiving the proper care and nutrition during the day while her mom is working and Gina is on her way to being able to care for her with dignity.

 This is Makensia and her 13 month twins
Widnaisa and Widnaison
Many of you know about Makensia.  She has been working for us for more than 4 years.  She has two older children.  A fifth child (one of the older twins) died two years ago due to a simple respiratory issue.  This is her second set of twins.  She is on her own right now, caring for all 4 babies.
Because party sales drop drastically after Christmas, Spring is very difficult for the artisans.  Production slows way down and their hours have to be cut back.  Makensia was feeling the affects.  Being the sole provider for all 4 children, the twins were suffering.  When she was working, they were being left with a 16 year old nephew.  She would leave at 7 am, to take her older children to school and go on to work.  Sometimes she would have time to make food for the twins for the day and sometimes she wouldn’t.  She would not return until after 3 – all the while wondering if they were being properly cared for at all.  As time went on, they began showing signs of malnutrition and were not on track developmentally.  Scared for their lives, she approached Shelley about placing them in an orphanage.
Having knocked around the idea of a Daycare for a while, this was the catalyst that got things started!  This little family needed help!  Makensia’s hours were increased and within a few weeks, the Daycare was open and Makensia had a safe place to bring the twins!  They have fattened up and are getting back on track in just a month!


All of these babies are why Apparent Project was started.  To help these moms keep their children and care for them with dignity.  So orphanages are NOT an option.  Some of them need extra help.  Being a single mom and logistically caring for your baby just isn’t easy.  No matter what country you are in. We are so excited about our new Daycare center and the safe, healthy option that it provides, while still keeping these families in tact.
But we still need your help!
Right now, we need diapers!  Sizes Newborn to 3 only.  If you or someone you know is traveling to Haiti and can bring a few packages in your suitcases, that would help so much!  (Shipping is not a good option as we still have to pay customs fees)  Diapers are so expensive here and this would cut our monthly costs tremendously.
Tell your friends about us and about the Daycare Center!
Don’t need to raise funds for anything?  Raise funds for the AP Daycare!  We have fun, new fundraiser items to choose from.  Email apparentpartysales@gmail.com for more info.  Tell them you want to raise funds for the Apparent Project Daycare Center.
AP needs $2400 a month to keep this program going.  Any amount each month will help!
Thanks so much!  Until next time with more bios…….

Meet other families in the Daycare program:

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