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It was just a normal night and morning.


It was just a normal night and morning.
We were up in the middle of the night with flashlights trying to get the generator turned on because we haven't gotten power now for 48 hours after the storm. We don't know how long it will be before they get the power lines fixed, so I may want to go stock up on Diesel today. I probably won't be able to though, because everyone else will have the same exact thought and it might be dangerous to sit in long long lines at the gas station waiting for the diesel trucks to refill the pumps.
So I woke up to the sound of 30 chickens outside my window flanked by kiddos. Yes we all sleep wherever we can and it usually ends up with a truckload of kids in my bed. I was dreaming about a lot of arguing going on and then when I woke up I realized it was the chickens that were discusssing, so I went back to sleep until Zebedee woke me up with one of his profound comments that start with a loud "HEY"… and if you know him you know what I mean.
I stumbled out to the living room after trying to get an internet signal with no luck and saw that all the boys had fallen asleep in the living room. Novens was cuddling Jackson on the couch and Carlin was konked out with Ember in his arms. Marc Henry had spent the night on account of the fact that his stepdad and mother broke up and now they are homeless again. Leo has been sleeping at the guest house because he has it in his mind that he needs to make more necklaces that everyone put together… can you say DRIVEN.. so he is watching movies all night and working.
I made some coffee with a coffee filter and a tea pot. We need to get some more coffee presses and that is the real reason Corrigan is in the states ( not to speak at Judson Missions week but rather to buy me a coffee press). I stuck a cinnamon stick in the coffee water because I was thinking about Corrigan being at the Sanders house and Debbie always puts cinnamon in her coffee maker and tells me that Dave things it's too foofy. I like it though.
Then I decided I wanted to get online to see what is going on in the world, so I make the trek up to the roof to fiddle with the internet reciever like we have to do 10 times a day in order to get a connection. I finally get the green light to come on and I come back downstairs, grab my cinnamon sticky coffee and sit down to type this blog.
Zebedee is in the background having toys kill other toys and Keziah is talking my ear off but I have no idea what she is saying. Babies are still sleeping and the boys are up making breakfast and doing the dishes (yes I'm a little spoiled). A good morning so far…..

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  1. Hope you have a great day… love you! Wish I could come over and hang out. :>

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