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I guess it wasn’t a hurricane but I h…


I guess it wasn’t a hurricane but I have never seen anything like it and I have been through at least three hurricanes in the last five years. Wind was whipping everything in every which direction. The roof off of our gazebo is in pieces all over our yard. The bathtub is full of mud from the rain and dirt coming in the window in the bathroom. The upstairs of our guest house flooded and soaked every bed from the water pouring in off of the balcony- 30 feet in the air.

I was in our guest house pricing jewelry when it suddenly started. The tension in the house rose quickly. Moms were working in the house with their children and babies in nearby tents. It was obviously a dangerous situation. While my thoughts and heart quickly turned in the direction of helplessness and anger, the Haitians in my house quickly turned to worship and prayer. Hands in the air, songs broke forth again. “Merci Bondye. Merci Jezi.” How do they do that? Time after time, their hearts fall right in line with everything I would aspire to be but am not. Me. I cried. I cried for the babies and children who were crying and cold and scared. I cried for the fathers who like me were helpless to help their little ones, and I cried for these people who have known nothing but being downtrodden and poor.

It stopped eventually and Adrien and I hopped in my car to assess the damage. Trees were down, almost all the electrical lines were down, tents were down, people were standing around in the cold wind shivering while everything they owned was soaked and muddy. We gathered up a couple of families whose mother works for the apparent project and brought them to the AP house. Chrislene put on a big pot of rice and beans for whoever needed it that night. They obviously wouldn’t be cooking for their families that night. We went back to the house and loaded up some sweaters and sheets for distribution. We maybe helped ten families in that way. It seemed like a drop in the bucket of need.

IT was a warning. I think. It wasn’t a hurricane. It lasted about 30 minutes maybe and it did some serious damage. IT showed me how much more important the need is to get these people out of tents and into houses. As of right now the Apparent Project is working on house # 7 and 8. We have 8 more ready to be built sitting in our driveway and are probably going to be able to put a total of 29 up by November if all the people who have pledged to help follow through. THIS IS GREAT! But it is not enough. Would you be willing to consider building a house for a Haitian as a Christmas gift, a Thanksgiving family offering, a school fundraiser, a church offering? For $1600 you can put up a house and get up to 8 people out of tents. Want to do more? I have my eye on some land for $40,000. For a total of $100,000 we could get thirty homes built for people who don’t own land and assign them the land ownership afterwards. Someone out there has this kind of money and is wanting to help….. Please help.

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  1. Shelly, I'm Jenny, a friend of Rebeka G's. I know a pastor in Idaho who is willing to present a "houses for Haiti" power point or something like that, if you have one, and ask his congregation for donations.

    Would you email me at jmek@integrity.com with some help in figuring out how to get together a presentation?

    Hoping for homes,

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