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How to AID without AIDing

Party Box BannerSo, previously, we talked about AID and whether it was a four letter word or not.

Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t.  That’s pretty much as clear as mud isn’t it?  Well, go back and read what I wrote last time, that might help you see through the challenges.

But now I want to talk about something a little different.

It’s still about helping.  But it’s about aiding responsibly and aiding without hurting.

Many people would describe what I’m talking about as “socially responsible shopping.”

Yes, help the victims of a Hurricane by going shopping.   Not just shopping anywhere……

Let me run a scenario by you:

  • You go to https://apparentproject.org/partyboxes/ and order up a “Party Box” of jewelry (if you’re a guy reading this – go tell your wife, your girlfriend, your mom, your sister or some significant person).
  • Once the box comes, you start telling all of your friends asking them to invite their friends.   You can do  it as a party, you can do it “private invitation” (one on one), I’ve even seen it done on social media.  You can even just take it over to your mother and your mother in law and say, “Mom, here’s a way for you to get all of your Christmas shopping for all the girls done in one day and at your kitchen table.”
  • After a period of time, you’ve sold, say, slightly less than half of what you got in and decide that’s good.   You package it all up and send the rest of it back to us.
  • As you drop it off at the post office, you smile inside because you know you did something good.   Obviously, it’s going to vary a LOT on what you sold and how much you sold, but odds are pretty good that you sold enough to generate maybe 2 or 3 days worth of work for one person.

That’s all?  You think, man, that’s not very much.   But think again…..

For three days, someone is able to stop at the market on the way home from work and buy food to feed their family.

For three days, someone is able to set aside some money to send to their family in Jeremie who are trying to rebuild from the Hurricane.

For three days, someone at the market is going to go home with a little bit more in their pocket – maybe enough to feed their children.

For three days, two families have children who will get something to eat that day.

Yes, it’s a small thing – but it’s a big thing.   You can impact the lives of many people just by ordering a party box and selling (or buying) half of what is in the box.

So what are you waiting for?  It’s an easy sell, it’s a great story, and even I think the jewelry is awesome!

Order yours today.  There are kids in Haiti who will be glad that you did..   Oh and did I mention that we’re coming up on Christmas?  Is there a better time?

Any questions on the details of a party box, e-mail apparentpartysales@gmail.com.

Thanks on behalf of our employees and their kids.



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