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Building Bridges

Building A Bridge

At Apparent Project, we are helping to bridge the gap between the Haitian community and ours. The cure for poverty is not about wealth. It’s about relationships, about working together as a team, with each contributing to provide opportunity for personal growth and development.

When AP was first working in Haiti, and the earthquake occurred, we had lots of opportunities for people to help. The rebuilding, the necessary supplies and other support helped bring order out of chaos and helped people re-start their lives.

What has happened over the years has been a process of helping our people stand on their own. Jobs were created due to the sales from Party Boxes and Fundraisers that we facilitate. And, the legal Haitian Production company – Papillon Enterprise – was formed. Papillon is the business that employs the artisans, and they now have regular jobs with a steady income.

Apparent Project is very much involved in the process of distribution of goods produced at the artisan house. We have continued to find other ways to support these artisans who now have employment working at Papillon.

On-site day care is offered to artisans who have “at risk” infants & toddlers. Also, the AP Institute was created to help empower the artisans with needed computer and English skills. We would love to expand our programs and are looking for opportunities that will work for us.

We also do have our Guest House, which is often used by medical teams & individuals that need a place to stay. We also have guests who come to “Look and See” what is happening in our area… and to get a Massage which is offered by AP artisans who were trained by massage therapists from the USA.

At this time AP is evaluating which direction to go with our current programs, but we haven’t decided what people we need to help facilitate our vision.

Often groups come to our location for a “Come and See” stop on the way to a specific project they are working on in a different location. Sometimes they stay at the Guest House; sometimes just tour the Artisan House, shop at the Boutique and have a smoothie at the Clay Cafe.


What Happens When You Get Involved?

bridge2In 2013 a church in Florida contacted us about how they could help the community surrounding the artisan house.  After asking the neighborhood, it was decided that a bridge was needed.  During the rainy season, area floods would cut the community off from the main road. They were cut off from fresh water, and could not get to work, school or the market. The church raised the money needed and we hired men in the community to build the bridge.  Materials were purchased in country and jobs were created, stimulating the local economy.  The bridge was completed in early 2014 and is now a permanent part of the community allowing them to get back and forth freely.

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