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Daycare Center Update

Makensia and the twins!

The Daycare Center is up and running!  After only 3 1/2  weeks,  we are so pleased to notice that several of our artisans kids who were showing symptoms of malnourishment are looking so much better. Their skin is clearing up and they have so much more energy. On top of a balanced diet, they are also getting Mario’s Clay Cafe smoothies everyday to give them and extra dose of vitamins and protein!

Everything is going smoothly and the moms are enjoying this benefit of knowing where their babies are and that they are being properly cared for.

Next week, there will be a small group here to help with some training.  Both ladies coming in from Florida have many years of experience in running daycare centers and will work with us on some training and tweaking so our babies can have the best care possible.  We want to train the nannies in infant CPR and first aid, take care of some administration goals as well as some curriculum and craft projects.  Exciting stuff as we move forward.

Many of you have clicked through to our donation page and helped financially with one time gifts.  We have been contacted by churches who are taking up love offerings to help as well.

We have had several individuals who have helped with different physical donations.  Formula, diapers, games, toys, etc.  For that, we thank you!  Every bit helps to defer the cost each week.

But – we still need your help!  We have salaries to pay and things to cover in house.  Like always, we would love to be able to buy what we can here in Haiti to help stimulate the economy in country.

We still have an ongoing need of $2400 in monthly expenses.  This comes to about $160 per child in our care.  This would include:

Infant/Toddler Care
Caregiver salaries (more job creation!!!)

If you are interested in investing any monthly amount for these

 precious mommas and their babies 


You are helping to change lives and investing in the future generations of Haiti!  Thank you so much!


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