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Another day

Today was just strange and very long.
Here are some things that happened.

1. We decided to fill the kiddy pool on the roof and were not willing to bucket the water up one bucket at a time as that would clearly take half of the morning, so Richard actually got into the water tank on the roof and handed out buckets to me one at a time. It was quite a site to see Richard in there for one, but the fact that he was skinny enough to fit in the water tank was even funnier.

2. I fired one of our staff and felt 100% like Donald Trump and didn’t like it one bit.

3. Zebedee cried half the day… and stubbed his toe, and fell down, and didn’t like it when Keziah kissed him, and only would wear his basketball outfit that he has worn now for three days.

4. I taught the girls here how to make tortillas and refried beans. (Not that I knew how to.. but now I do) and we had a fabulous taco dinner straight from Mexico. I think the whole process took just about 3 hours.

5. We picked up a team of three from the aiport and had a great time getting acquainted with them. Six more to come later in the week which will bring our total household number up to 20 by the end of the week.

6. The dog chewed through the screens that we just had put up yesterday.

7. The wind was so strong it knocked almost all of the other screens out of the windows.

8. Jackson got his hand slammed in the door.

9. The guys installing the sreens tried to make me pay them $30 US dollars for two pieces of plywood… I declined and they gave them to me for free.

10. About 25 people knocked on our gate today and I am thinking I have to figure out something to do about it soon…

All in all though, we are enocouraged. We have reached the end of our financial capabilities here and sent out an email asking for help. Many people responded which was very encouraging. We are so excited about waht is next for us as we get settled into our house here and are making plans for the next phase of our great adventure here in Haiti.

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