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Another crazy couple days..

Another crazy week. Ember’s family told me that her dad was really sick on Thursday. I went down to see him and he looked terrible. He was sitting in a hole of a house (if you can call them that) in 105 degree heat and sweating with a temperature in the 100’s now for two weeks. I figured it could be malaria, so I got him some choloriquine and some Tylenol as well as some medicine for diarrhea as he had also been having trouble with that. He looked like a skeleton and I couldn’t believe that he could just stay that sick day after day with no help in sight. As I walked back home with James, I asked him if people routinely die this way. He said yes.
The next day, I got an emergency message to come and see Marcel again. I ran down to his house and he was hallucinating, saying that his head was empty and something was trying to get out of his throat. At this point I knew that I couldn’t leave him there. We decided to take him to the hospital.
We got there at about 6pm. All of the lights were out and they almost turned him away because they said they didn’t have a way to test his blood sugar. After all was said and done, he did have malaria, and was in kidney failure, peeing blood from severe dehydration. They put him on an IV and asked me to go get some water, juice, and food for him as they didn’t have anything like that either in the hospital.
I went to bed last night thinking how simple it was to save this man’s life and how precious he is to our family as Ember’s only surviving parent. I wonder what God has in store for this little family that we have somehow merged with and I pray that Ember can grow up to be that “spark” that sets her family on fire with love for God and love for people. That is my hope with all of these kids that we are sowing into. I pray that they will turn Haiti upside down.
This morning I woke up, checked my phone and noticed about four missed calls from Joshua.. a guy who does some work for us here and there, kind of rough around the edges, but very in tune with what is going on with the poor here in Haiti. He had called to tell me he was in jail. Apparently he slapped a police officer after the officer slapped him first for mouthing off. He needed money to bail his way out otherwise they were going to send him down to the state prison- the one where they reportedly smear food on the walls for the prisoners to lick off- although I have not confirmed this story. I figured I couldn’t let Joshua go to prison, so I paid his way out in return for a month of work for me. We’ll see if he holds up to his end of the deal.
Other than that, I paid through the nose to get the babies vaccinated today. I have never been as grateful for vaccines as I am here though. I know that people can get away with it in the states, but kids here die of all kinds of things that North Americans are all protected from through vaccines. The babies are healthy and Ember has not had a seizure since we prayed for her.
We have been banging our heads against the wall about Woodelson’s eye issues. We pray for a quick solution and for there to be no further vision loss.
Another new thing is that we have decided to send our kids to French schools next year. As it is becoming increasingly apparent that we are called here for the long haul, we think that our kids will fare much better if they can be integrated and speak French and Creole. I am particularly excited about this because it means that I get to learn another language too! I am excited to just have the babies home during the day next year. I think it will give me all the more time to work with the women in our community and get some kind of craft/ trade thing going with them. Anybody want to run and Etsy site for us??
I think that’s about it for now…. So much happens every day. I wish I could write it all down.

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  1. Well, I know you can’t write it all down, but I’m glad when you’re able to wrote a bit… makes me feel just a little closer. I love you so much. Praying for you!

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