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And This Happened…….

Last night Shelley posted this story on Facebook –

“A woman stood outside my gate for the past week with a new infant and a toddler in tow. Day after day she waited and day after day I told her we didn’t have work. We don’t have work. Not enough work. Today she followed me for four blocks. It annoyed me. Can’t I just walk down the street without being harassed? After my appointment four blocks away, I went to leave. She was there- baby in arms, waiting. Hopeful. No work I said! Stop following me! She paused a second and then she just broke down and wept. She wept. She sobbed. Lord have mercy, I thought. I need to sell some more jewelry.”

At the time, there was not enough work or funds available to hire her. Since then, someone donated the required funds, and today she is employed and her children are safe at our Daycare program.

 Angeline Pierre, mother of three, at work today!! Thank you everybody.
Here are 4 VERY tangible ways that you can help:
1)  Host a party!  Help us sell the jewelry so we can continue to employ these moms.
2)  Purchase from Market Haiti!  We sell the artisans jewelry on line.

3)  Have a Fundraiser!  Raise funds for your cause while supporting our artisans.

4)  Collect Cereal Boxes!  We are in constant need of boxes.  3,500 – 4,000 are needed per MONTH to be more exact!  Keep collecting and sending them to us.

Each sale – each purchase – each cereal box makes a HUGE difference in someone’s life!  Thank you so much!!!!

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