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An Update on the Pre-School

Cami and Marilyn can speak to it better because they just got back from spending time down there – time devoted to the kids and to the school, but things are going well.

The kids are improving dramatically. The growth at that age is amazing any way but even more so with a constant loving, nurturing environment not only at home but also in day care or pre-school.

It really is meeting a huge need and we want to thank for that. So……


Because of the success of what has happened already and because of some people who are really stepping up and challenging us to take it to the next step, we’re going to move forward and begin the process of setting up not only the preschool for the 2017-2018 school year but also opening up a kindergarten starting this fall!

How exciting is that? The opportunity to help families not only with jobs but also with educating and caring for their children while they work AND giving their children a quality education. An education that can help them be the type of person that will help Haiti grow and will make their part of the world a better place.

Coming soon we will lay out the details of how you can be part of that life changing education going forward.

Stay tuned……


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