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All kinds of fasting….

Haiti is, in itself, a kind of a fast. We fast warm showers, privacy, movies, TV, privacy, restaurants, DQ blizzards, privacy etc.. etc..
But we feel we are called to more. I look down from my balcony at the ravines that the people live in with tin roofs and flash floods. Those people are starving. It is a fast like I have never and will never experience probably.
As fat Americans in the land of draught, famine, and misery, we have been studying more closely the call as Christians to fast and pray. Apparently, it is somehting we are expected by Jesus to do regularly… who knew? I guess I didn’t really put any weight on those scriptures before seeing the desparation and misery that calls out the “fast” in us and urges us with desparation to cry out to God and say “I want YOU God more than all of these things.. more than food.. Lord you need to show up here!!!”
So I will be fasting. Fast with me if you would like. Here are the things this week that I will be fasting for.
1. Ronald- his visa was denied, and barring a miracle he will die in my house. His heart is so close to being done beating, I walk in his room every day and wonder if we will still be there.
2. Woodelson’s eyes- I am also having trouble getting the hospital in Seattle to communicate with me. Without surgery, he will very likely go blind. I don’t know how long we have, but I need some direction or favor to get this done.
3. Direction- scripture is full of examples of fasting and praying for direction. Right now, we are focused on a trade school to help parents keep their children. I am getting Montessori certified to be able to provide quality education for the children of these adult students. We have also begun to realize that no matter what, in Haiti, you will have crisis situations such as babies found in the trash. We have decided to get our orphanage(creche) license, so that we can legally take in a child who is a true orphan, or abandoned. We also hope to take in a small number of children on a temporary basis to be able to give their parents a chance to earn some money. When a parent goes to work, a mom will often lock her baby in her one-room cement house in the dark all day while she works. We would like to offer an alternate care facility for a mom who does not want to give her baby up, but needs to be able to go out and work.
3. Ember is having seizures and we need medical or supernatural intervention
4. Help… we need help. We need friends and family to come help us- long term, short term… the vision that God has given us is much bigger than we are ( as it should be) and we need people to come work with us!! Would you come? Any skill that you have is invaluable down here!!
We also need a bunch of money of course. The things that we have in mind.. just for start ups are in the 30,000 range. In Haiti, you have to pay rent on a house by the year! We will fund raise until we have it.. and then go for it. We are now officially a 501c3 non-profit.. so all gifts are tax deductible. Consider it… or ask your church if they would want to sponsor this kind of thing in Haiti?
5. For passion and intimacy with Christ. He is here and working in Haiti. I want to be right alongside him in body, soul, and spirit!

Blessings on you all,
Shelley Clay
The Apparent Project

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