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A Tale of Two Hurricanes – Both Named Matthew

The sun came up over Haiti today. But very few people saw it. Most of Haiti is still covered by clouds with some rain.

The Hurricane named Matthew is over. So how bad was it?

It was a tale of Two Hurricanes:

  • For The Apparent Project, Pappillon and our staff and artisans, it was the hurricane that didn’t. Lots of 14590472_10157503704125285_4947337510694331688_nrain, lots of wind, but almost no damage. And by almost no damage, I mean that – I think we lost one tree. It truly was an answer to prayers. We asked you to pray for the safety and protect of our people and the jobs and income they create and God answered. Thank you!
  • For others in Haiti, Hurricane Matthew was and continues to be a very big deal. How big? We don’t really know. The southern part of Haiti, on the western pennisula, appears to have gotten hit the hardest and the main road leading out there is gone so it’s hard to get an accurate information yet. The government and organizations who work out that way are trying to get a better read on it but initial anecdotal reports don’t look good at all for the southern region and for parts of the area past Kenscoff.

So what does this mean for the Apparent Project? A couple of things that it means and that we are implementing……

  1. Business as usual and business at full speed. Since we are not in the “danger zone” the best thing we can do is to create jobs and create income. Income so other business owners can make a living. Income so our artisans can help their neighbors if needed. Income so that we can hire more staff.
  2. Helping those in Haiti who have been hurt by Matthew. Our plan is that any of the money that you donate for Hurricane Relief will either be spent helping those around us who need help or it will be given to smaller organizations that we know and trust. These organizations are ones who are working in those hardest hit areas, know people, know the area, know the needs and already employ Haitians. Those are the organizations that we want our supporters Hurricane Relief funds to go to. As we can and time allows, we will share with you the information about the particular organizations. We can’t right now because the disaster is still in the assessment of damage phase.

How can you make a difference today, tomorrow, next week?

Pray – there are many people who are hanging on to life by a thread in Haiti having just lost everything and trying to survive. Pray that they receive the help, the strength and the peace of mind they need. Pray for those who are in a position to help on the ground – give them wisdom, strength and the courage to do what needs to be done in a way that encourages dignity, encourages respect and provides the right help in the right way at the right time.
Donate – go to  https://apparentproject.org/donate/ and donate to The Apparent Project General Emergency Fund. Our people on the ground, people who know people, people who can connect with the small organizations on the ground who are making a difference, they will determine who to give that support to. We will share that information once it has become available.
Buy – This reminds me of what the President of the United States said after 9/11, but go do something that will create income for Haitians. Go to http://markethaiti.com/ and go shopping. The more business that the Apparent Project generates, the more it can help the Haitian people recover from this natural disaster.

Thank you! Thank you for praying. It has made a difference. Thank you for donating and purchasing to help us help Haitians.

The work is far from over, the damage is immense but it is not a complete national natural disaster like many feared it would be and that is something to be thankful for.

Questions? Comments?

Tom Vanderwell

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