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A million miles an hour…

It feels like life moves so fast here. And for such a laid back Carribean culture it is a weird opposite. Almost everyone I know here is working their backsides off almost around the clock. There is so much work to be done and so much urgency. We felt that this week with Hurricane Tomas breathing down our backs. So many people are in such high risk situations. I think about the twin girls in my house that are only a week old.. born at 34 weeks gestation. There are many babies like them living in the mud in a tent. How much more fragile are their lives out there. Reports have said that the birth rate is TRIPLE this year. There are going to be a lot of babies in precarious situations!
So in a nutshell.. here’s what’s going on with us.
1. Many of you know I have my eye on some land. Several people have expressed interest in helping with this project. I also have made contact with a group of pastors from Texas who want to build 100 houses. I don’t know when or how this will all come together, but I am confident it will. I can dream big and hope that next year at this time we will have been able to buy several properties for Haitians who don’t own land in order to be able to provide them with adequate shelter to ride out a hurricane in..
1.5 Jackson has slowed down on singing Highschool Musical and has transitioned to Justin Bieber…
2. Apparent Project artisans are going nuts. I have lost track but I think we have about 70 people making jewelry. This does not count the fact that all of our jewelry makers have their own people who make beads for them. I can imagine that there have got to be somewhere around 100-150 people who are benefitting from our various artisan programs right now. I love walking around our neighborhood now and seeing people I have never met sitting on the side of the road rolling beads. It is unbelievable the quanitity and quaility of stuff that keeps coming in and then right out of our house! Groups of short term missionaries have started dropping by to buy souveneirs and spreading the word… it is fun ( and a bit scarey) to see how quickly this thing is growing.
2.5 Some of the ladies in our program approached me sincerely the other day asking how many necklaces they would have to make and sell in order to buy us a new car for Christmas…. awww.. how cute… A new car here starts at $40K, so we talked them into just making us pumpkin soup for Christmas instead!
3. We did great in the hurricane! Honestly it was a miracle. I would have never guessed that it was a hurricane if someone hadn’t told me. Unbelievable really. Thank you to all who prayed for these precious people. I am fully confident that the weather was responding directly to the amount of prayers going up for Haiti. Peace be still.
4.5 Our family has a new puppy. We just lost him under the gate the other day, after which he was found and held hostage for $50. We got him back. Just another day… right?
4. We have teams coming in November, January, February, March and more.. They will be teaching sewing, flip books, cake decorating, english, hygiene, building houses, and more. If you want to come and bring a team, come. There is much work to be done.
Thank you for your support and love of us and the Haitian people. We feel your love!

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  1. Great little synopsis of what's going on… love you! I took some jewelry to church this morning and have some people interested. We have a house at the university where some of the college girls live and I'm going to do a little party there, as well as my house.

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