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138,000,000 Part 2

138,000,000 (Part 2)

If you recall from last time what UNICEF wrote in that press release from last year, it says that in the 1990s, they went from considering orphans to be only children who have lost both parents to orphans are children who have lost one parent. Suddenly we went from 12,000,000 orphans to upwards of 150,000,000.

Catastrophe looms! The world is coming to an end!

Okay, let’s get serious here a minute. Why did UNICEF change that? The stated reason in the press release I linked to above is because,in the 1990s, the AIDS crisis was running rampant in Africa. They wanted that statistic to better reflect the AIDs crisis.

Why would it matter if the number was changed? Because it made the situation look that much more desperate and that encouraged extra funding.

Now don’t get me wrong. Even if it’s only 12,000,000 orphans who have lost both parents, that is a huge problem and needs resources – lots of them – because these children do not have a family.

But if UNICEF went in front of the UN and said, we have 150,000,000 who are orphans and we want/need $675 Gazillion dollars to care for them, they are going to get more money with the inflated statistics than they would with “Only” 12,000,000.  (Keep in mind, 12,000,000 is about 3 times the size of Chicago – that’s a lot of true orphans)

So, what about those kids who are in between – they aren’t part of the 12,000,000 but they are part of the 138,000,000?

The 138,000,000 children who have one parent alive but who are considered vulnerable because of economics, race, gender bias, violence, hunger or other things.

While UNICEF and many of the other VERY LARGE NGOs (non-governmental organizations) focus on those 138,000 as orphans, that’s not how we see them.


The Apparent Project sees them as part. Part of a family. Part of a community. Part of a culture. Part of a Race.

And we want them to continue to be part. Part of that family. Part of that community. Part of that culture.

That’s why we work. We work to create jobs, we work to provide education, we work to get them a chance to remain a part of that family.

That’s why we’re here. That’s what The Apparent Project is about. I hope you’ll join us in helping even a small portion of the 138,000,000.

We need you.

They need you to help them remain part of their family.

Because they aren’t orphans.

And we don’t want more orphans. We want more families.


P.S. Coming soon, I’ll have some new opportunities of how you can be part of helping them remain part of their family and become part of the solution.


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