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138,000,000 – Part 1


14 years ago, my wife and I started having serious discussions about whether God wanted us to expand our family through adoption. At that point, many of the pro-adoption books that you would read if you were attempting to educate yourself all threw out gargantuan numbers in terms of the orphan crisis.

There are 157,000,000 orphans in the world!
Slogan on a T-Shirt – “147,000,000 orphans – Feed 1”

According to State.gov, based on the number of international adoptions done to the United States in 2002 (FROM ALL COUNTRIES) it would take over 6,000 years to find families for all of the orphans in the world. Even if we assumed that other countries adopted TWICE as many children as the US, it would still take over 2,000 years to find families for all of these kids.

2,000 years – that’s like since Jesus was born.

Obviously, we have a huge crisis on our hands. This is unmanageable and it’s totally out of control.

“We have to do something! All these kids need families!”

Countless organizations and orphan advocates have picked up on the really large numbers and have encouraged people to be involved because there are “hundreds of millions” of children who need families.

Uh, not so fast. If you read what UNICEF wrote about orphans, it lets us in on a little secret. They define an orphan as a child who has lost one or both parents.

Read that again. According to UNICEF, an orphan is a child who has lost one OR both parents. So, my good friend who adopted 3 kids as a single mom, her kids are still orphans? Huh?

How does that work?

To be continued…..



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