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Today I am excited. In the last two weeks, we have secured a place for us to live for next year, found out that the Apparent Project is approved as an official 501c3, managed to not add more children to our family, and think we may have just gotten a puppy.
Many of you might wonder why our living situation is changing. Without a doubt, a boys home is not a place to have our budding young daughter and we do feel like we are called to more in Haiti than being confined to helping another minsistry. Right now Shelley is getting certified as a Montesorri teacher and hoping to be able to offer quality education for the children of the adults that will attend our trade school. We are also considering getting licensed as a creche or children’s home in order for us to legally be able to rescue and aid abandoned or discarded children. There are so many that are found in the trash or whose mothers die in childbirth, that I never want to be in the position of having to turn a dying baby away. We are hoping to stay in close contact with all of our lovely boys in the home. We are moving just down the street and have hopes of having them over regularly and continueing to disciple and love on them until they head to the states for their adoptions.
The Apparent Project has been in a pending 501c3 status for the past several months, and we just found out that it has been approved retroactively since last summer. So, those of you who have donated already can claim that on your taxes for 2008! We are hoping for some big gifts from heaven as we would like to acquire at least one big house for use in our trade school and as a guest house and preschool as well. Ideally, the guest house would be separate.. but we will see how finances go.
We have not added to our family since we took in little Ember Eve who is now 2 months old and cute as can be. Her mother bled to death six days after giving birth and her father couldn’t even feed her. She came to us at 4 and a half pounds and skinny as a rail. She is not a chubby 10 pounder and growing like a weed.
We are however happy to know that we may have some puppies on the way.. A friend just rescued some abandoned puppies and will keep them at her house until we move. How nice to get to avoid the “new mommy” stage of a brand new puppy. Maybe it will be housebroken too by the time we get there!
Other good news.. Ronald, one of our boys with the heart issue, is just about done with his visa process and will probably be going to the states in the next week or two for surgery. He has been touch and go for a few months now and I am so excited for him to go get his heart fixed.

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  1. Thanks for keeping us posted!

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